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We aren’t just about building muscle. We build character. This is your go. Your push to do more. To go further. We’re not just shaping bodies here – we’re shaping the way people live. Because at the end of the day, nothing helps you see the world differently, more positively, like the lens of confidence.

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WellPerformance is an innovative consulting and coaching practice committed to improving performance by providing powerful strategies and skills to enhance all areas of the individual’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

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BSN SPORTS has become the Best Supply Network in Sports through the growth of its core sporting goods business and through the acquisition of leading team dealers since 2004.

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Brian Bixler, MD specializes in the care of the injured athlete and the pediatric patient. Dr. Bixler focuses his practice on sports medicine and pediatric orthopaedics, targeting his patient population to age 21 and younger.

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Ehrlich Pest Control was founded in 1928 in Reading, Pennsylvania by Julius C. Ehrlich. Mr. Ehrlich was a salesman who sold insecticides and fogging equipment. At this time, pest control was very much a do-it-yourself venture.

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There are several ways that the Next Level Basketball Performance Academy is unique. One, is our emphasis on individual player development. We are not an AAU organization and we will not be forming teams for the purposes of playing more games.

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Phone: (717) 979-2602
Address: 1005 Briarsdale Road Harrisburg, PA 17109

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