Having worked directly with Scott in presenting the Central PA Basketball Player Development Seminar I had a chance to see and hear first hand his innovative philosophies on how to build a more explosive athlete. His methods are completely in-line with what we do here with the Washington Mystics. His knowledge of the game allows him to create programs that transfer well to on-the-court skills. He is a tremendous resource for any player truly interested in taking their game to the next level.
, Mike Thibault - Head Coach of the WNBA Washington Mystics
I would highly recommend the programs designed and led by Scott Singer to any athlete that is interested in getting better, or for any coaches who are looking to take their program to the next level. Scott’s work with the players in the girls’ basketball program at Cumberland Valley is noteworthy. Not only have I seen individual player improvement, but his work with the team team has played a vital role in the success of the program during my tenure here.
Bill Wolf, Cumberland Valley Girls Basketball Coach
Mr. Singer and the program he has put me through have taken my game to the next level. He has made me stronger, not only physically, but also mentally. I’m thankful for all his hard work. He has helped me tremendously.
Alyssa Thomas , University of Maryland, ACC Player of the Year
I graduated in May of 2015, and I was no longer going to be training at school in the summers so I needed a solid place to workout that would get me better for the professional basketball level and that is exactly what I found in Scott’s Next Level/PowerTrain regiment. Coming to his facility four days a week working on a different skill set each day really helped me expand my game. My jump shot was becoming more efficient from 15+ feet out, my ball handling was getting tighter, I was becoming more explosive and I was continuing to sharpen my interior game. Having said that when I got the call to go to Sixer’s mini-camp for summer league I had all the confidence in the world in my game from working with Scott and from getting stronger with PowerTrain. Everyday I used something Scott and I had been working on and when mini-camp ended I was extended a further invitation to play in the NBA Summer League with the Sixers where I played very solid for that week. After summer league ended I went back to Next Level to continue training till it was time to sign a contract. I ended up signing with Liepaja/Triobet in Latvia where I am playing very dominantly and being able to showcase an all around game that I worked on all summer at Next Level. I feel that I made the most progress this past off-season at Next Level then I have made in any previous off-season all thanks to the training/basketball knowledge Scott brings every day.
Steve Zack, Liepaja/Triobet - Professional Basketball Player
As a coach at the recreation, travel and Junior High School levels, I am always interested in finding ways for my players to improve.  As the father of a player, I am interested in providing my son the tools to maximize his performance. From the outset Scott has been keenly focused on helping my son to meet his goals.  That’s important because those goals may not be what one would normally expect from a player working with a professional trainer.  My son is a contributing player on what has developed into a very good team.  His goal is to continue to improve, help his team and be a solid contributor as a varsity player as a junior and senior (at this point 3 years down the road).  From the outset, everything that Scott has done with us has been in pursuit of that goal.  Here’s the point:  you don’t need to be the star player to benefit from Scott and Next Level. There are two things that stand out above all else to me about Scott and Next Level.  First, every drill is directed towards a goal of mirroring game situations.  Everything is done for a reason.  I have watched,  played and coached a lot of basketball over the last 30+  years, but never spent much time THINKING about basketball.  Scott has, and the thought that he puts into his drills is evident when watching.  More importantly, I have seen those skills come out during games with my son and our other players.   Second, Scott is prepared for each and every session.  Each session has a goal or goals and a focus on particular skills. My fellow coaches and I have also used Scott extensively to work with our teams.  Whether it’s group sessions or individual instruction, Next Level Basketball is worth the investment.
Dave Freed


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There are several ways that the Next Level Basketball Performance Academy is unique. One, is our emphasis on individual player development. We are not an AAU organization and we will not be forming teams for the purposes of playing more games.

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