3 Pros, 12 College, 6 Commits and 2-Time State Champs

Those numbers represent our current training roster, along with dozens of other elementary, middle and high school players.  I’ve made recent posts highlighting our current group of players in college as well as our most recent players to sign their National Letters of Intent.

I’d also like to recognize our pro players whose seasons have already begun overseas.  Alyssa Thomas (Maryland) of the WNBA Connecticut Sun is playing in Turkey,  while Steve Zack (LaSalle) and Erin Rooney (Fordham) are playing in Latvia and France respectively.

Additionally, I want to give a special mention to the Cumberland Valley Girls team who are entering the season as 2-Time defending State Champs and who have made it to the finals the last three years.  That is not only sustained success but also puts a big target on their backs.  They know they will get everyone’s best shot in their quest for a third straight championship.  Having worked with them so closely over the last 4 years, we try and lay the foundation for success in the preseason.  Despite their success the work ethic remains the same.  There is no complacency.  They take nothing for granted.

I bring these numbers – 3/12/6/2 – up for a couple of reasons.  First, we are obviously proud of these players and teams and their successes. We believe it says something powerful that they entrust their continued development to us and in turn we take our responsibility to them very seriously.  However, we are just as proud of all the players who have worked with us with the simple hopes of making their middle school team or learning how to make a left handed layup and we approach their development just as we do with our highest level players.

Second, when deciding where you want to train, you should look to see where players who are better than you train.  They could be training anywhere so there must be a reason why they train with us.  In any walk of life, not just basketball, you want to surround yourself with people who are successful. Watch what they do and model their behaviors as success breeds success.  At Next Level we want to be a breeding ground for our players success – on the court, in the classroom and in life.

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