Bring A Friend In February Referral Program

For the month of February we are offering a referral program to our current Next Level clients.  For purposes of this program we are considering anyone that has trained with us in any capacity since the end of last season.

The program is simple:

  1. Bring a friend who is NOT a Next Level client to your next individual or small group session.
  2. The session is free to your friend, you will pay your normal rate.
  3. If your friend decides to continue his or her training with us, your next session after they start will be free. It’s that simple.
  4. There is no limit as to how many friends you can bring in so the more that sign up the more free sessions you get.  The only stipulation is that you have to get them in during February.

Why are we doing this?  Because next season starts now!

  • With the season ending soon we want to encourage everyone to start their off-season improvement process.
  • For those of you playing AAU we want you to be prepared for your summer showcase tournaments.
  • We want to reward our loyal Next Level clients for bringing new players into the Next Level family.
  • Most importantly, we want to encourage our players to train in small groups which we believe is not only one of the most effective ways to develop your game but is one of the most cost-effective as well.


As soon as the season ends our times will begin to fill up fast.  Please take advantage of this great offer to save on your training costs simply by including one or more friends.  If you have any questions regarding this promotion or want to know more about the benefits of our small group training program please contact us at 717-979-2602 or

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There are several ways that the Next Level Basketball Performance Academy is unique. One, is our emphasis on individual player development. We are not an AAU organization and we will not be forming teams for the purposes of playing more games.

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