Small Group Sign-up Form Now On-Line

We strongly believe that our Small Group training is a true win-win-win situation.  The player wins because the group is small enough that they still receive a lot of individual attention, but unlike actual individual training, it provides the opportunity to go against “live” defenders in 1 on 1 or 2 on 2 situations, do competitive drills, and typically is simply more fun to be training with additional players.

The parent wins because it costs significantly less than an individual session.

We as player development coaches win because it makes more of the drills in our toolbox available to us, for example we cannot use a drill that requires a passer, screener and shooter in a one-on-one training session.  Plus it allows us to teach our read and react principles and do more of the basketball IQ training that we love to do.

For all of these reasons and more our Small Group training is rapidly becoming one of our most popular training options.  Typically players come to us already as a small group of friends or teammates that want to work together.  However, more and more parents and players are contacting us about wanting to participate in a small group but don’t have a group of players to do it with.

To assist those of you in this situation we have created an on-line sign-up form specifically for people interested in creating a new group, or possibly being placed in an existing group.  The form can be found on our website here When filling out the form please put down all days and times that you are available to train.  This will provide us the info we need to try and create a group for you.  It always works better if you can put your own group together, but if you can’t, we hope this new form will assist you in being able to take advantage of this win-win-win training opportunity.

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There are several ways that the Next Level Basketball Performance Academy is unique. One, is our emphasis on individual player development. We are not an AAU organization and we will not be forming teams for the purposes of playing more games.

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