At Next Level Basketball Performance Academy we offer a wide variety of training options. We strive to develop the whole player through our comprehensive offerings. We have the knowledge-base and experience to work with players of all ages and abilities and have effectively done so all the way from beginners up to and including our pro players. Please check out the following program descriptions and let us know which works best for you:

Individual Training – This is the foundational program upon which Next Level was built. As the name implies it is 1 coach to 1 player for 100% individual attention. This option is great for people who need or want to work on areas of improvement unique to their personal situation, taking into account their own strengths as well as areas for improvement. Click Here To Learn More

Small Group Training (2-5 players) – Rapidly becoming one of our most popular options, the small group training is a lower cost alternative to the individual training but still allows for a significant amount of individual attention. Click Here To Learn More

3 on 3 Game Situation Training (6-9 players) – We believe that 3 on 3 is one of the best ways to teach situations. Using controlled game situations and/or restrictions we teach players how to read the game which improves their decision making and develops a higher basketball IQ. Click Here To Learn More

Team Training – We offer a variety of team training. Entire teams have enlisted us to conduct our Summer Player Development camp exclusively with them. Other teams have contracted with us to perform much of their conditioning and skill development in the preseason. Click Here To Learn More

4th-6th Grade Skill Development (Winter) – This large group (8+ Players) is designed for players in the 4th-6th grades who are looking to add a day of skill development to their CYO, Travel or Rec team practices.  All aspects of the game – shooting, passing, dribbling, rebounding and defending – will be covered.  There are separate girls and boys classes offered. Click Here To Learn More

Sunday Shooting School – One of our most popular large group training programs has been our Sunday Shooting School.  This is an in-season program designed for middle school and high school players to get quality repetitions to keep their shooting stroke pure and their confidence high throughout the season.  These sessions focus on footwork and follow-through and consistently establishing the rhythm and balance that all great shooters possess. Click Here To Learn More

Winter Tune-Up Program – this in-season program is a package consisting of three of our stand-alone offerings.  The three components are (1) 3 individual on-court sessions (2) 1 hour of game film breakdown, and (3) our Sunday Shooting School. Although each of these components can be purchased separately, we are offering a significant discount if purchased as a package.  Purchased separately this would cost $350.  However, the package price is only $280. Click Here To Learn More

Summer Camps – in 2016 we will be rolling out a new camp format. These camps will be 3-4 days long and consist of 2-3 hours of training each day. Click Here To Learn More

Sport Performance Nutrition Coaching – Next Level Player Development Coach Gabby Singer is also a certified sports nutrition coach. Her program focuses on nutrition for optimal performance. Topics include nutrient timing, body composition, hydration, caloric intake (type and quantity), and more. Click Here To Learn More

Mental Performance Training – along with our players being highly skilled we want them to be mentally tough as well. To that end Stu Singer, PsyD (ABD), heads up our mental performance training program. Although he lives in Massachusetts Stu works with Next Level players on an individual basis through Skype and FaceTime. Click Here To Learn More

Return-to-Court ACL Recovery Program – this groundbreaking program was created in conjunction with one of the areas most highly respected orthopedic surgeons, Dr. Brian Bixler, to guide players with what they can safely do to keep their skills sharp on-court while they go through their rehab process. This program is NOT designed to take the place of physical therapy, but rather to provide the player with a month-to-month guideline as to what drills are safe for players to do until they are finally released for full competition. Click Here To Learn More

Pricing – because we don’t offer cookie-cutter programs and pricing is determined by several factors including numbers of players, total number of sessions and length of each session, we ask that you contact us directly for pricing.

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There are several ways that the Next Level Basketball Performance Academy is unique. One, is our emphasis on individual player development. We are not an AAU organization and we will not be forming teams for the purposes of playing more games.

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